DreamStalker Expert - device for lucid dreaming

Bring your dream to life through lucid dreaming

Device for lucid dreams DreamStalker Expert

Time-tested technologies, advanced algorithms and the highest reliability! Built-in mind machine and transcranial stimulator! Premium mask made of genuine leather. Wi-Fi control from any gadget. Lots of functions to experiment with lucid dreaming.

The electronic device "DreamStalker Expert" allows you to easily enter the state of lucid dreaming. To see a lucid dream means to remain conscious during sleep with the ability to control your dream. Many psychologists call the science of lucid dreaming the most important step in dream research.

Dr. Stephen LaBerge, in his book Lucid Dreaming, which we recommend that you read, introduces us to the techniques developed at the Center for the Study of Sleep at Stanford University. As a result of the research, it was found that anyone is able to achieve amazing results, learn to experience lucid dreams and completely control the flow of their sleep. By managing your dream life, you can dramatically change the quality of your waking, real life. The systematic, consistent program outlined in this book will help you overcome long-standing, deep-seated fears, anxieties and various phobias, master the healing energy of your subconscious and achieve a level of physical and mental health that you never dreamed of. With the help of lucid dreaming, you can awaken your creativity and transfer it into everyday life. You will open the door to the world of new experiences, to new perspectives of perception, to new adventures together with your faithful guide - the multifunctional device "DreamStalker Expert".

In the process of lucid dreaming, endless possibilities open up to you - you are absolutely free, unlimited by nothing and you can do whatever you want, literally everything that you can imagine in your imagination. To achieve such complete freedom, you need to become aware of yourself in a dream. "DreamStalker Expert" has been specially designed for this purpose. During sleep, he constantly monitors your state and accurately determines the time of the beginning of the dream. He then gives you special signals that are designed to help you easily become aware of yourself in a dream and conduct a reality check. We recommend that you use the latest, most modern version of the gadget for lucid dreaming "DreamStalker Expert"!